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Chandeliers Guide

How big should my chandelier be?

Sizing a chandelier is not an exact science. Interior designers often warn against picking a size too small for the space. On the other hand, interesting effects can be achieved with deliberately teensy chandeliers where appropriate.
There are formulas to help you, but don't apply them blindly. Take into account the overall configuration of the space and the style of the chandelier. Guidelines below are for residential spaces only.

One-story living rooms and bedrooms:

Here's a formula for average rooms ranging from 100 to 250 square feet. To rough out a diameter, add together the room dimensions in feet and call them inches. If the room is 13 by 15 feet, add those numbers together to get 28. This suggests a chandelier with a minimum 28 inch diameter.

If the ceiling is high, you can add up to six inches. Go even bigger if the ceiling is very high.

Don't use this formula if the room is exceptionally narrow. You may be better served by two or more smaller chandeliers.


Dining rooms:

Choose a chandelier that has a diameter one-half the width of the table over which it will hang. For a banquet-style table in an elongated or oversized dining room, two or more chandeliers will work better than one.

Foyers, great rooms, two-story spaces:

The chandelier should always be at least 7 feet from the floor, but may be hung higher in a lofty space. Just be cautious not to hang it too high. Consider the entire space.

Staircases need special consideration. If there's a narrow stairwell, would you rather see the chandelier from upstairs or down? If the staircase is wide, a chandelier that makes the desired impression in the foyer may not be visible at the top of the stairs. We suggest giving the foyer the most importance.

Some homeowners want to show off their chandelier through a palladium window. This can result in a chandelier hung unattractively high. We feel that the view inside the home is more important than the neighbors' view.

If you feel compelled to hang the chandelier high, consider lining up the bottom tier of candles with the balcony. Another option is to call our custom department. We can custom-design a chandelier long enough to be visible high and low.

Ask your electrician to position the chandelier at different heights for you to consider before installation is complete.

Hallways and intimate spaces:

We offer a variety of ceiling baskets that can be manufactured in different diameters to fit any small space.

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